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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 2, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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all the way down into southern maryland that includes calvert county and st. mary's county. rain fall amounts have been light, but heavy activity is tonight. a tenth of an inch downtown. a third of an inch toward frederick andlesser amounts as you go toward fredericksburg. satellite picture, there's one surge of moisture that came through this afternoon. we'll track that when we come back. let me take you down to north texas. look at this. this is snow north of dallas, forth worth. it didn't stick because temperatures never got below freezing. it was their first snow of the season, which was unusual for them to have snow this early. we'll come back. we'll say if that moisture and that cold air could bring us a similar picture on saturday. anita, back to you. >> a bomb shell today from tiger woods. with allegations of sexual affairs swirling. the world's top golfer all but admitted today he cheated on his wife. terrell brown has the latest
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from orlando, florida. >> tiger woods is acknowledging he let his family down. in a statement he says i have not been true to my values. he regrets those transgressions with all his heart. the comments come after -- text messages and this voice mail, she says was woods left her last week. >> i need you to do me a huge favor. can you please take your name off that and have a number on the voice mail. just have it as your telephone number, okay. you got to do this for me, huge, quickly, all right bye.
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>> woods is one of the highest paid athletes with multimillion dollar endorsements. so far, his sponsors are standing by him. nike says it supports woods and they don't plan on making changes. florida troopers released the final pictures. a wreck that fueled speculation of marital trouble. woods says he is far from perfect and says he will strive to be a better person, husband, and father. he offered a profound apology to everyone who has supported him. cbs news, orlando. >> as for the crash, woods was charged with careless driving, which carries a $164 fine and four points on his driving record. authorities also estimate the accident caused $3,000 in damage to the fire hydrant and the three vehicles his hit. his tree that his vehicle hit. woods withdrew from his own golf tournament, siting injuries from the crash. coming up, brett haber will
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have a special commentary on the tiger woods controversy. still no word if the couple will show up for a congressional hearing tomorrow. on the eve of that appearance, e-mails surfaced, which the white house says shows the salahi's were never invited to the event. as audrey barnes reports, the couple is getting support from friends. >> reporter: they did not have an invitation to the state dinner last week, but they did have a slew of e-mails from a top pentagon official, letting them know that. the day before the event, michelle jones e-mailed to say, i am still trying to get tickets for the arrival ceremony tomorrow. it doesn't seem likely. they went anyway. hob knobbing with vice president joe biden who said they acted like they were long time friends. >> i have not been part of the social scene very much down here and i don't go to many. i thought well these guys are just staples in washington society. i was surprised when i turned on the television to find out
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they were apparently gate crashers. >> reporter: after a night of rubbing elbows, the salahi's sent jones this e-mail. my cell phone battery died, so i just got your message. we ended up going to the gate to check in case it got approved. our name was indeed on the list. the secret service says it wasn't and the salahi's have been summoned to a hearing to explain themselves. >> i was at the state dinner. i didn't see these people, because there were a lot of people there. i will see them tomorrow. >> even as evidence mounts against them, their friend, al vaga, the assistant general manager in mcclane says they have his support. >> it's not the type of people they are. >> vaga says he met them as part of the polo circuit and when he was looking for a creative way to propose to his
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long time girlfriend, the salahi's came through for him. >> she arranged a limo, wine tasting, all i had to do was show up and ask the question. >> his friends will be vindicated. >> the salahi's could be no shows, but they aren't camera shy. they were reportedly at a photo shoot just yesterday in georgetown for a reality show that they are vying for. the real housewives of dc. back to you. >> they are certainly getting a lot of face time audrey, thanks for that. the party crashing incident is fresh on everybody's mind. that is where final preparations are underway surrounding president obama's lighting of the national christmas tree. 10,000 people are expected to be there. scott broome joins us live with more on beefed up security. >> it's not just the party crashing incident that has security officials nervous, it's that this crowd is going to be so much larger. the last few years, they had 3,000 seats, but this year for the first time, they issued
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tickets to an additional 7,000 people for standing room tickets behind me here. that's a lot more people that have to get the scrutiny of security. it will be lights, cameras, and action tomorrow night. the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> the bottom line is, no party crashers. but the job of securing the event from crashers will be a lot bigger this year, according to bill of the national park service. >> what's new this year is the fact that there will be 7,000 ticketed standing room people that will attend the event. >> tickets were issued via an online lottery back in november to anyone lucky enough to win. that's hardly an exclusive washington social event. >> there is absolutely no access to the president whatsoever. >> still, sources with knowledge of security quietly say there is concern that antiwar protesters or other crashers might try to get in.
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especially since tickets are easy to find at places like craigslist. security will be so tight, even the volunteers who run the train garden say they can't get tickets for their own families. >> we wouldn't think of crashing the party. >> if you have a ticket, you are welcome to come in. if you don't have a ticket, you can't come in. >> there's no concern that a crasher might get to be with the president himself. >> i think it would be a presidential appearance. it will be no meet and greet type stuff. >> in fact, the president will be behind 4 inches of bomb and bullet proof glass. >> all right, now take a look at this map for some information if you do have tickets, you'll need to know if you are one of those standing room ticketholders, you will be able to enter on the 17th street side. that's the west side of the ellipse. if you have tickets for seats, you enter on the east side over on 15th street and because of all the security you have to clear, they want you here by
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3:30 tomorrow afternoon. let's come back live now. i want to give you a look. oh, my apologies. i thought we were going to show you the test of the christmas tree, because they just had the lights on while we were showing you the map, they showed the lights off. you'll get to see them tomorrow night. in fact, you get to see them live right here on wusa9. scott broome. >> it's better that way anyway. build up the excitement. all right. >> i don't want to give it all away. we did get to see it a second ago. >> very cool. thanks a lot. president obama will light the national christmas tree shortly before 6:00 tomorrow everyoning. we will have live coverage of the opening ceremony of the 2009 pageant of peace on 9news now in our 5:00 hour. two priests, an office argument, a fight, and one of them arrested and charged with a felony. tonight, some parishers are defending father charles smith and complaining that the bishop has failed to treat him fairly. here's bruce leshan.
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>> violence in a place of peace and perhaps from the people you would least expect. police arrested father charles smith and charged him with felony unlawful wounding. the alleged victim, smith's boss, the parish pastor, father paul, who was treated at a hospital for a cut over his eye. >> there's no history of violence with either of these men. this is a simple disagreement over office matters that escalated quickly. >> there are plenty of comments, with lots of parishers complaining that father smith was unfairly singled out. one person writes that he is one of the best priests the catholic church has ever had. kind and gentle. concerned for everybody else's problems, running the church day and night, doing his boss' job. tender hearted, and always ready to help. > they are both -- but i have no idea what happened between the two of them. >> our lady of angels is one
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of the largest parishes in virginia with over 10,000 registered parishers. the bishop removed smith from the parish. >> can you believe the two priests would get in a fistfight? >> yeah, i can believe it. >> it's amazing. >> amazing, yeah. >> our priests are humans just like you and i aren't perfect, they aren't perfect either and they can make mistakes as well. >> the arlington diocese says the accused priest will not be coming back here. the bishop is asking for prayers for both men. >> bobby smith has been at our lady of angels for three years. the army has filed more charges against the suspect in the fort hood shooting massacre. major nadal hassan faces 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. that's in addition to the 13 premeditated murder charges he
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have been hit with. the new charges are connected to the people injured. the pilot killed in a small plane crash was from alexandria. the body was found in the mountains of southern west virginia yesterday. a piper pa30 twin engine plane was found nearby. investigators say he left texas on november 22, but wasn't reported missing until last saturday. now to some updates on two stories developing yesterday. an elderly man injured in a two- vehicle crash involving a dump truck has died. the accident happened tuesday afternoon. investigators say it appears the 0-year-old edward hawkins lost control of his honda and drove into that dump truck. and deputies arrested 43-year- old gerald. investigators say he ran into a 4-year-old boy and fled the scene. doctors are closely watching
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the little boy's condition. independent safety monitors began observing metro safety procedures today. dressed in yellow and orange safety vest, monitors for the tristate oversight committee headed into stations across the system. they were originally kept from having access to those live subway tracks. >> we watching how they deal with live trains, how the workers on the roadbed deal with live trains. >> metro was forced to change its mind on the issue after a report in the washington post revealed that metro leaders tried to prevent those inspections. 9news now learned at tomorrow's metro board meeting, general manager will present some options to close metro's huge budget gap and we'll have more on that part of the story coming up at 6:00. and we have a followup for you on last month's massive traffic signal mess in montgomery county. technology experts say it's going to cost $348 million to fix the problem.
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the county's it team says the money is needed to upgrade aging computers that date back to the 1980s. there could be disruptions unless the problem is addressed. >> the engineering master minds of the woodrow wilson project today. the bridge carries more than 200,000 vehicles a day. it was rebuilt in order to relieve a major bottleneck on i- 95. >> coming up, congress grills a task force that came up with those new breast cancer screening recommendations. >> plus, what happens when the help needs help? we'll be back. the president faces tough questions about the new strategy for afghanistan. i'm joe brown, coming up.
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stocks were mixed today on wall street. the dow finished the day down 18 points while the nasdaq was up 9. just hours after he announced his new strategy in afghanistan to a nationwide audience, members of congress are dissecting president obama's plan to escalate the war. today, key administration officials fielded some tough questions about why they support sending more troops
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into battle. joe brown reports. >> president obama's national security team layed out its defense of the new strategy in afghanistan. >> simply put, among a range of difficult choices, this is the best way to protect our nation now and in the future. >> the plan calls for sending 30,000 more u.s. troops into afghanistan by this summer and using them to train afghan security forces to take over the fight. even though most republicans support the surge, they are unhappy the president said he will start bringing u.s. forces home in july of 2011. >> would we withdraw our forces based on conditions on the ground or an arbitrary date regardless of conditions on the ground? >> we are talking about senator mccain, the beginning of the process. not the end of that process. >> members of the president's own party have their own set of concerns from the cost of the buildup to whether the u.s. can count on afghanistan's
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government as a reliable partner. >> i think a lot of us are wondering whether this is for real on their side. >> i am not making the case that this is a perfect partnership, but i think it has the elements of real progress. >> the president's team said the plan made one thing clear to the afghans, it's time for them to get into the fight. joel brown, cbs news, washington. again, the white house says the president set that deadline for the beginning of withdrawal as a signal to the government that it has limited time to take charge of its country's own security. a tow truck driver is back on solid ground after a dramatic high water rescue. he was standed on top of his vehicle that was nearly submerged after realizing a life preserver wasn't going to cut it. he was treated for exposure to the elements, but not seriously
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hurt. lucky guy. we got rain here. >> we do. >> i want to say we have a flood watch in effect and i'm not concerned about flooding unless you have storm drains that are clogged, but first, we are going to show you snow. this is the same system that will creep in here friday and saturday, may set the stage for our first snow. temperatures never got below freezing, so never stuck on the roads. that just simply means it is snowing quicker than it melts. that early in the dallas, forth worth area. okay, for us, here we go. next three days, tomorrow is going to be pretty nice. maybe a shower early. although i doubt that. highs around 60. then we lose 10 degrees on friday. 50, clouds come in friday night, lose another 10 or 11 degrees on saturday. maybe a case where we see light rain turn to light snow saturday evening with temperatures in the upper 30s and what will happen,
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temperatures will fall throughout the day on saturday. all right, flood watch until 7:00 a.m. heaviest rain, it's going to get out of here by 3:00 a.m. so yeah, you should check your storm drains and gutters. windy tonight. milder tonight and thursday, temperatures are going to rise or remain steady all night. all right, let's talk about the wind gusts. we are seeing wind gusts of 46- miles per hour. i think our highest gust will be between 20 and 30 miles per hour. tonight, flood watch, windy and mild. heavy at times. lows around 50. winds increasing out of the south, southwest at 10 to 20. you can access this on the web, right around town and northward, up in montgomery county and howard county. lots of rain down to the south. we see some rain just getting into vienna and we'll put this into motion. the next hour, everybody is going to see activity spread northward. it's going to rain right through the district again, over national airport and
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eventually on the north side of the beltway, up toward beltsville and towards connecticut avenue. back to the computer we go. tomorrow morning, maybe an early shower and partly sunny. temperatures in the 50s. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy, and cooler. winds will turn northwesterly, a cool day. satellite picture, radar combined. the same system that is coming our way. for the most part, we are looking at heavier rains tonight. once this system clears us by 3:00 tonight, i think that's going to be about it. i'm not super concerned about the flood watch. we will keep you posted. next seven days, 60 on thursday. windy, maybe a shower early and 50 on friday. clouds come in friday night and saturday, maybe some light rain, turning to light snow in the evening, upper 30s. bright, but brisk on sunday. mid 40s and temperatures start going back up. upper 40s on monday. low 50s on tuesday and more rain on wednesday with highs in the low 60s. we are on the warm side of
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that. toy drive 9 has started. runs through the 23rd. we need you to drop off new, unwrapped toys at area sun trust branches and most area fire departments. >> we'll make some kids smile. >> let's hope so. still ahead, 3d tvs with no paper glasses required. and an overnight blaze puts senior citizens out on the streets. we'll be right back. 9news now flu alerts. h1n1 vaccine updates. clinic locations, prevention information and more. >> learn the facts and keep your family healthy. >> anita brikman's flu alerts only on 9news now and ?
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i'm peggy fox with moms like what do you get your children's teachers? is it homemade or a group gift certificate or are you cutting back this year? join the discussion on >> the prince georges county public schoolteachers got some bonuses for classroom performance. 279 teachers and administrators from a dozen schools qualified for the merit pay. the awards range from a low of $565 to about $6,000. officials say it is too early to say whether this program has improved academic skills. the president of the maryland senate says more cuts could be coming to public
5:25 pm
schools and while mike miller says teachers won't let go. administrators and public relations employees could lose their jobs. lawmakers will tackle a $1.5 billion deficit when the general asemibelie convenes next month. miller says there will not be tax increases. they hope to restore water service to residents in clarksburg within the next three hours, crews are repairing a damaged 16-inch water main along route 355. hundreds of homes may have low pressure or some discolored water. the wssc says homeowners should slush their cold water taps if they see some dis coloration. a massive fire drove about 100 seniors out into the cold in the middle of the night. the fire at the chesterfield square apartments in richmond burned for hours. two people were hospitalized with minor injuries. the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> all right, coming up, he
5:26 pm
doesn't just ring his bell -- ♪ [ music ] this salvation army worker sings for his donations and his story is just ahead. but first, congress addresses the recent uproar over breast cancer screening recommendations and what they mean for women. and we take you out with a live picture of the christmas tree. president obama will flip the switch tomorrow and light this huge colorado blue spruce. we'll be back.
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when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. tiger woods has released a statement apologizing for quote, personal sins. the statement comes hours after a news magazine released the tape that it claims was a voice mail from woods to an alleged girlfriend. all of this in the wake of woods bizarre car crash outside of his home. no word if the couple that crashed the gate at the white house will show up for a congressional hearing tomorrow. e-mails surfaced which the white house shows that the
5:30 pm
salahi's were never invited to last week's state dinner. and congress is examining president obama's plan to send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. how the senate committee spent the day questioning top cabinet members. robert gates says to defeat al- qaeda, the u.s. must help get afghanistan secure. the new guidelines for breast cancer screenings were a hot topic on capitol hill today. members of the task force were grilled about the changes they suggest and why. >> lawmakers are taking on the new screening guidelines for breast cancer. >> to me, it is sending the wrong message to women. >> after a nationwide backlash, a government task force was called to explain its new mammogram recommendations. its report suggest most women start getting mammograms at age 50 instead of 40. and follow up screenings every two years as opposed to annually. >> on behalf of our task force members -- >> its message was misunderstood and that it meant
5:31 pm
to say screening is more effective for women ages 50 to 74. >> the task force is saying that screening starting at 40 should not be automatic nor denied. >> the task force made its recommendations after looking at hundreds of studies, many cancer groups disagree with the findings. >> the society along with other medical groups believe that screening mammography offers an important survival benefit to women in the age group 40 to 49. >> the government panel says they were concerned about over treatment, including exposure to radiation and unnecessary surgery. suzanne fisher was diagnosed at age 41. >> what's the downside? maybe you have a false positive occasionally. >> mammograms save lives and catching breast cancer early is what is most important. >> now it is important to note that the task force recommendations were never intended for women with a family history of breast
5:32 pm
cancer. they have always been advised to come up with an individualized screening plan with their doctors that usually starts earlier. if you are dreading the hassles of holiday travel, take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery. decked out for the holiday season. area school children help to design the ornaments for the airport. students decorated those trees, and the decorations will be on display until the end of the month. it's going to be a green christmas at the white house this season. decorations will include recycled ornaments from past administrations and a douglas fur lit with environmentally sound lights. >> we open the doors last night to the first of more than 50,000 visitors who will come to the white house during this holiday season and it is safe to say that everyone was really impressed. i heard you all partying last night. you had a great time. >> there's also a white house ginger bread house, it features a small edible version of the
5:33 pm
obama puppy, bo, guarding the front door. there he is, right there. you probably seen a bell ringer or two asking for donations for the salvation army. wait until you see how michael rings that bell. lindsey mastas has a look and a listen. >> reporter: he is known as the singing bell ringer. ♪ [ music ] michael spends eight hours a day, five days a week singing a chorus for cash. >> he is my most unique bell ringer. >> and the salvation army loves him. >> when he is working, he does collect probably two times the amount of money anyone else does. >> i love to sing. i write little things every now and then. merry christmas to you. >> he used to work in politics. he lost his job after the election. while he plans to get into that line of work, this is his gift to himself for the holidays. >> i think the thing that i love about this the most,
5:34 pm
there's no controversy. i don't mind controversy, but there's no controversy, it's christmas. >> and it pays. >> i get lots of hugs, i get folks to sing with me. >> even for those of us who can't sing, we get out here and are singing with him. i don't know how he does it. [ singing ] >> they don't expect to give, but man when they hear you out there singing, that's what they want. they need some joy. >> you can't help but support it. >> how can you not donate to his bucket? >> in manassas, i'm lindsey manassas, >> we need him to take that show on the road. he is an employee of the salvation army and they are looking for volunteers and encourage people with musical talent to sign up or sing up. >> lindsey, they are waiting for you, honey, that was great.
5:35 pm
coming up, lawmakers behaving badly. >> make me come to order. >> more of this outburst at a county commissioners meeting just ahead. and forget wedding vows, this ceremony turned into a wetting wow when the bride found out the groom was already married. but first, let's get a check on the evening rush. tonya is in the 9news now traffic center. >> we have an accident to report here. this is gw parkway approaching the key bridge. all lanes are blocked at this hour. that's a tow truck tries to bring a vehicle off the roadway. be aware of that if you are headed down that area. beltway in maryland, no crashes here, but it is stop and go from 95 over to georgia. all the way over to 270, just a lot of volume in the wet pavement aren't helping the situation. we are going to leave you with a live shot in downtown. still moving well. beyond here is where the
5:36 pm
accident is. right now, moving well into georgetown. watch out for pedestrians. that's it for traffic. back to you.
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salute all who serve at home and abroad this holiday season. hello out there. i'm lieutenant paul johnson. i would like to say happy holidays to susan and my two sisters in maryland. sabrina as well as her boyfriend, joe, as well as my younger sister, shelly in frederick maryland and her husband. i don't want to forget my niece and nephews, andrew and nicole. happy holidays, hope to see you guys very soon. a heated outburst last
5:39 pm
night at a county commissioner's meeting in dallas. check out what happened when one commissioner tried to object to paying an fbi agent six figures. >> what have we received? what have we received for that money? >> i am not telling you what we received. >> i'm not asking you. can you please tell us. >> you tell me what i -- [ inaudible ] >> order. >> so what, make me come to order. >> this court has voted. >> until my person gets finished -- [ inaudible ] >> until i finish, you ain't got no questions. >> okay, the heated exchange eventually subsided and commissioners approved payment after all that. love and marriage did not quite work for a couple in peru. they were gathered with a mass
5:40 pm
wedding, but here's the problem. the groom was already married with two children. when relatives of his original wife caught on, they let him have it big time. the about to become single again bride watched helplessly as her man was assaulted and driven from the room. oh my. what is it, truth stranger than fiction? the unofficial kickoff of the 2009 award season. and move over hd. here comes the big 3d and you'll get a look at next year's hot items today in living smart. and what's your take on the tiger wood controversy in all the media attention? brett haber weighs in with a special commentary coming up. top. >> i got the umbrella back up. rain rolled back into town, we'll take you out with live doppler. flood watch goes into effect between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and heavy rain is on the way
5:41 pm
moving north toward dc. we'll come back and talk about this storm and maybe some snow over the weekend. ?
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if an hdtv is on your holiday gift list, than consumer reports has a list for you. they are the 40-inch panasonic and the lg. for a couple hundred more, the olivia and visio, and the most expensive, samsung was rated a low value. next year, we may all be talking about 3d tvs. this is not your father's 3d experience. >> here we go. >> they look cool enough to keep out the sun, but these really do bring images to life. >> you'll be experiencing if you were there in person.
5:45 pm
>> we are bringing you the first look at panasonic3d high definition set. imagine feeling as if you are part of what you are watching. we can't totally transport you there, but if we could, it would look something like this. >> when you see two full hd images like your eyes do in real life, you see a fabulous picture. something that is beyond real sometimes. >> wow. >> i could tell you that watching the hd images on a 103- inch plasma screen is like having an out of body experience. the images don't just jolt out like the old days, they almost grab you by the hand and take you with them. 3d tv is considered the next leap forward in home entertainment. you trade in the $12 tickets and pricey concessions for the comfort of your own living room. panasonic at its competitors believe their systems will be the must have holiday items
5:46 pm
next year and if you are wondering about the price -- >> this is not going to be priced like the original hd sets. >> three dimensional viewing has come a long way since the 50 #áz, but the big question for these manufactures is whether we are ready to shell out our hard earned dollars to get to the next frontier. >> phillips, samsung have their tv eds out on the market between $1,000 and $2800. panasonic says its version will be available early next year and the company promises their mid and large sized televisions will be affordable. the 2009 award season kicks off on a high note tonight. the grammy nominations will be announced during a live convert from los angeles right here on wusa9. among the performers, the black eyed peas. >> there is much to look forward to. >> you can look forward to a good, good night. sorry. did i just do that?
5:47 pm
anyways -- you can look forward to us just going out there and having a good time. keeping our fingers and our toes and eyes crossed. >> tonight's nominations will be kicked off by l.l. cool j. that airs at 9:00 p.m. right here on channel 9. the ceremony takes place on january 31. 9news now at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. with all the talk of tiger's troubles, hear from local golfers about their take on the impact of the scandal. plus, details on how metro may plug a budget hole and you may have to pay for the fix. also the top prosecutor may have his sight set on an even higher offer. those stories all new tonight at 6:00. we have some rain in our area, flooding possible. >> we are under a flood watch
5:48 pm
by 7:00 p.m., and flooding is occurring south of us, down in south carolina. we showed you snow earlier. now going to show you the highway u.s. 17 and interstate 26 in low country, and it saw some flooding. they had a wet november on top of this. that did not help, and it's not going to go away any time soon. we are looking at more rain there tonight and same rain rolls up here. in fact, here we go. next three days look like this. rain tonight, but maybe just a left over shower on thursday. not a bad day at all. windy yes, but mild. lose 10 degrees on friday. clouds come in late and on saturday, some light rain still possible. some light snow possible, maybe a case of light rain turning to light snow, but with temperatures 50 and 60, it's not going to stick. tonight, flood watch, windy and mild. heavy at times. temperatures are going to bottom out on rise after midnight. winds south, southwest 10 to 20 and gusty. let me show you live doppler.
5:49 pm
you can access this on the web. we see the rain filled in through much of montgomery county and it has been plenty filled in down to the south. we will zoom in a little bit, pretty good rains now in ashburn, and leesburg. up now, beginning to work its way up 270. where is it all going to go in the next hour? in the north and east. out around 29, will have some rain. also around 108 and clarksville. speaking of clarksville. someone said their bush was actually blooming today. that's not a huge problem, it shouldn't cause a problem, but the life of the bush, but it is telling you, it hasn't been that cold just yet. back to the computer we go, tomorrow morning, maybe an early shower. partly sunny, windy and mild. by afternoon, partly cloudy. highs around 60. winds northwesterly at 10 to 20 and gusty. here's our model. by 8:00, pretty good slug of moisture across most of the metro area. we see a break at midnight and
5:50 pm
another slug of moisture. i think most everything gets out of here by 3:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. i'm not super concerned about the watch. it's in effect until 7:00 a.m. on thursday morning. but again, i don't see a whole lot in terms of problems. big picture, satellite picture, radar combined, again, i think this will clear us by 3:00 in the morning. next seven days, 50 tomorrow, windy, maybe a shower. a nice day. 50 on friday. a nice day, too. a little bit chillier and upper 30s on saturday. some light rain may turn to light snow. we're looking at 45 on sunday for the redskin game and temperatures will go back up by next wednesday, more rain and 62 degrees. >> okay. >> toy drive. thank you. >> don't forget. >> drop off new and unwrapped toys at sun trust branches and most fire stationings are participating. new unwrapped. >> new unwrapped for the kids.
5:51 pm
thanks. >> all right. sounds good. brett is here with a special commentary on the media coverage of the tiger woods controversy. >> thank you. when tiger had a car accident, it was news. his injuries, the police investigation, whether or not alcohol was involved. all relevant to tiger's public persona as a professional athlete. yesterday, the florida highway patrol announced that their investigation was closed. they sited tiger for careless driving, but said no criminal charges would be pursued. that's where my interest in the story ended. of course, by that time, as you know, the rumors and speculation about tiger's marital infidelity have begun and the question became, should that side of the story be covered? and the answer for me was and is no. granted, tiger issued a statement today, admitting his personal shortcomings, a step he no doubt felt compelled to take because of the increasing media scrutiny on his private life. while it is impossible to defend his conduct on any sort
5:52 pm
of moral basis, to me, it is regrettable he needed to issue a statement in the first place to explain that to the media and to the public. people want answers from tiger, but not because they need them or have a right to them, but because they are curious. i don't believe a federal judge issued a subpoena on the grounds of curiosity. ever since the tmz's success seeded on acceptable american media. we slid down their slippery slope to a place where its okay to probe with impunity to private figures. we will chase them down on a motorcycle until we trampled on what little privacy they have left. folks, that's not journalism, that's stalking. if tiger were a politician, the rules might be different. they often campaign on platforms of character and personal integrity. for them, matters like this
5:53 pm
become matters of hi pock -- he has a yacht that has a 12,000 gallon fuel tank. he may want to head to sea while this blows over. i bring this up because the name of his yacht is privacy. if you would like to read my entire commentary and the media coverage of it, it's on our website right now at that's a commentary tonight. >> brett, thanks for that. >> thank you. coming up, a new study finds a plastics chemical in newborn baby's blood. what it means for long-term health. and we are always on at stay with us, tonight's living well segment is next. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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5:57 pm
they are okay, and hopkins officials tell us their families were vaccinated against h1n1 and seasonal flu as a precaution. bpa is a chemical found in literally hundreds of products from reusable water bottles to the linings of soup and vegetable cans. it makes plastics tougher and heat resistant. it has been the subject of tough debate. today, environmental working group scientists announce test results that uncover bpa in infant cord blood. >> this is a the first detection in american babies. >> coauthored the report that looked at cord blood samples. 9 of ten have leveled of bpa. >> it suggests these chemical exposures were happening while the baby was developing in the womb. >> should we be concerned about that? >> we found more than 2 00
5:58 pm
chemicals. >> that's the case in animal studies and these early exposures are contributing to human health trends, like obesity and infertility. plastics industry says, just because our bodies have trace amounts of chemicals in them doesn't mean they are impacting our health. >> there's really no limit to how many substances will -- can be detected. we live in the environment. so anything that is in the environment will be in our bodies and so with improvements in chemistry and the ability to detect substances will detect more and more substances at lower and lower levels, but that doesn't mean there's any harm. >> in fact, the fda is not telling consumers to avoid it, even though the agency is currently conducting a new safety review. as we await those results, dr. jacob insists it makes sense to limit exposure. >> if you are pregnant, we
5:59 pm
recommend you decrease your use of canned foods. canned foods are a major source of bpa. decrease your use of reusable plastic bottles, try not to microwave in plastics. >> once a baby is born, concerned parents can find baby bottles on the market or use glass. if an infant is formula fed, the powder versus a liquid form is less. it has less exposure. you can find a link to the full report on our website,, click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. this is 9news now. >> and we begin with a storm alert. tonight's rush hour is a mess and heavier rain could be on the way. topper is in the weather center with more. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. let's start with live doppler 9,000. most everyone has some rain right now in their backyard. we'll start in dc. we have rain


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